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About Wills

A will is an important document that allows you to state your wishes to your loved ones and to have those wishes followed. Yet many Albertans do not have a will, or they have an improperly formed one that may be deemed invalid by the courts. If you own property in Alberta, including real estate, bank accounts or investment accounts, or have children, it is imperative that you think about what should happen to your legacy when you die and that you create a will that can realize those wishes.

About the process

At Alberta Wills Online we aim to provide a valid, effective will outlining your wishes. After completing our secure, online questionnaire, a proper will can be generated, confirmed and provided to you by mail, ready to be executed. What makes us different is that your will is created by a real person, not by a computer template. Instructions for proper execution will also be provided to you to ensure you have the most complete will you can have.

When filling out the questionnaire, please note that you can click on the buttons to see further information about a particular question.

About Us

The drafters at Alberta Wills Online have years of experience in creating wills and in going through the probate process in Alberta so they can tailor your will to ensure your loved ones will have a smoother transition after you have passed in accordance with the rules in Alberta.

How much does it cost?

At Alberta Wills Online, a complete will costs $100. For this amount, you will get a hard copy of your will mailed to you along with proper execution instructions so that you can be confident knowing that your will is compliant with the probate requirements in Alberta.

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For more information on estate planning in Alberta, follow this link to our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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At Alberta Wills Online our goal is to get your will to you within 10 days of completing the online questionnaire.
If you are over eighteen and have minor children or own property, you should have a will

Frequently Asked Questions

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Creating a will can be daunting for those of use who have never done it before.

At Alberta Wills Online, our goal is to make the process as simple as possible. We know you may have questions about estate planning and how we can help.

Please follow this link to our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information on estate planning in Alberta.

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Our goal is to get your will to you within 10 days

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For more information on estate planning in Alberta, follow this link to our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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